GDPR- Data Protection

As of 25th May, 2018, the EU Regulation nr. 2016/679. with direct effect in all EU member states will be applicable to all sorts of personal data that is used by companies, public authorities or other organizations.

Every data controller, being a natural or a legal person, has to conform to these rules from the end of May, 2018. This conformity is based on the principle of accountability. It means that the data controller has to prove and confirm through appropriate documentation that he or she meets the provisions of the Regulation.

Conformity to data protection rules requires complex legal and IT implementation work relating to the complete operation of the organization.

GDPR oldalhoz tartozó kép

Based on our knowledge of the relevant legal rules and the guidelines of EU Working Group and NAIH (National Data Protection and Information Freedom Authority of Hungary), we undertake the full elaboration of data protection documentation for natural and legal persons, including:

  • Designation of data sets and their legal basis, fixing of operational fields to be regulated;
  • Elaboration of Data Protection Rules;
  • Information handout of Data Processing for contracting partners also for the purpose of release at the website;
  • Required documentation in connection with employees (e.g. Handout for Data Demand, Confidentiality Undertaking Form, other handouts, possible modification of employee’s contract);
  • Register of Data Controlling (and Data Processing) Activities;
  • Rules for the use of technical devices meant for the observation of employees or buyers (e.g. camera, GPS tracking or access control system);
  • Data Controlling in regard to websites (registration, newsletter, online shopping);
  • Cooperation with the IT background of the organization;
  • Continuous follow-up, in case of expected changes in the legal rules conformity will be guaranteed to these changes.

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